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Guest Information

Guests may not pay cash for any charges in the Clubhouse; they must sign the host Member's name. Gratuities may not be paid to any employee of the Club, other than the Caddie Master and locker room attendant. Caddies should be paid directly.

Cell Phone / Electronic Devices

All electronic devices (cell phones, smart phones, PDA's, etc.) must be set in silent/vibrate mode at all times while on the grounds of the Club. The only areas permitted for verbal cell phone communication are as follows:

  • Parking Lot: in or adjacent to your car
  • Clubhouse corridor between Women's Locker Room and Men's Locker Room
  • Outside the Pool Director's Office for no more than one minute.
  • Tennis Pavilion Pantry Area
  • Cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, IPads and Kindles may be used to retrieve or send emails and texts, browse the Internet or take photographs in most areas of the Club, however, the phone option must be in silent mode at all times. Children may use electronic devices as long as they are silent.
  • As an exception, only emergency personal calls are allowed on the golf course.
Dress Code Prohibited Attire
  • For Men and Boys: Tee shirts (with the exception of exercise room and pool area), tank tops, jogging, gym or hiking shorts. Cargo shorts may be worn in the pool area only. No golf shoes, flip-flops or Teva type sandals are permitted in the Clubhouse except in the golf locker rooms.
  • For Women and Girls: Halters, tank tops (sleeveless, collarless made of tee-shirt material) and tube tops, bare midriffs, see-through clothing, jogging, gym or hiking shorts and cut-offs of any type. No golf shoes, flip flops or Teva type sandals permitted in dining facilities.

Levels of attire defined for dining and lounge areas of the Clubhouse:

  • Formal: Jacket and tie required. Applies to males 14 years and older.
  • Informal: Jacket required, no tie.
  • Casual: No jacket or tie, collared shirt required. No oversized casual which includes excessively baggy trousers, shirts, and sweaters. No cargo pants or shorts. Men's shirts are to be tucked in. Untucked shirts are permitted only in the pool area or on the tennis courts. No Teva type sandals permitted in the Clubhouse.
  • Summer Casual (April 1st-October 31st): Appropriate casual and golf attire permitted in Clubhouse, tennis attire acceptable only on Terrace and Patio.
  • Winter Casual (November 1st-March 31st): Appropriate casual attire, no shorts permitted in the Clubhouse. For men, collared shirts required unless turtlenecks are worn which are permissible only with sports jacket or sweater. For men, sweaters would require collared shirts underneath.
  • Jeans/Denim: White denim permitted to be worn by women. All other denim is prohibited on grounds of CCD, except for the paddle tennis courts.
  • Footwear: Flip-flops permitted in pool area. Flip-flops permitted from parking lot and men's and women's locker rooms to pool area. These are the only places that flip-flops and plastic shoes are permitted. Women's dress sandals are permitted in the clubhouse. No golf shoes are permitted in the Clubhouse other than accessing or in the golf locker rooms.

The Club maintains a very limited number of sports jackets and ties that a Member may borrow in an emergency.


Members using the Clubhouse may be casually dressed. Men are prohibited from wearing hats or visors in the Clubhouse at any time. Women are prohibited from wearing sports hats or visors in the clubhouse at any time.

Dining Rooms

The following is the appropriate attire for the Club's dining facilities.

  • White Oak Room: Casual attire. No denim.
  • Veranda: Casual attire. No denim.
  • Terrace and Patio: Casual attire.
  • Mixed Grille Room: Casual attire, including neat and appropriate denim pants.
  • Pub Room: Casual attire, including neat and appropriate denim pants.
  • Men's Grill Room: Casual attire.


(Easter, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving and New Years Eve)

Formal attire is required and applies to males 14 years and older.

Golf Course and Practice Area

It is prohibited to change golf shoes or other attire in the parking lot.

  • Men: Golf shirt with collar and sleeves, golf slacks or Bermuda type golf length shorts not more than 4" above the knee are acceptable. Shirts must be tucked in. Jeans (denim), tennis and swimming attire are prohibited. Hats must be worn with visor forward. Shoes are to be changed in the locker room.
  • Women: Golf skirts and golf shorts not more than 5" above the knee; Golf shorts and slacks will have a relaxed fit around the legs. Golf shirts may be worn with or without a collar. Sleeveless shirts must have a collar while collarless shirts must have sleeves. Golf shirts must be tucked in at all times unless they are designed to be worn untucked. Bare midriffs are prohibited. Tennis, swimming attire and tank tops are prohibited. Hats must be worn with visor forward.
  • Juniors: All juniors must conform to the Dress Code. Both sweatshirts and sweaters must be worn over a collared shirt. Attire with offensive messages and/or graphics is unacceptable. Hats must be worn with visor forward.

Tennis Courts and Practice Areas

All white tennis attire, as approved by the United States Tennis Association, is required. Soft surface tennis shoes must be worn when playing. Acceptable tennis shirts are to be worn and under shorts should never be visible. Tennis attire with or without leg coverings is allowed on the Clubhouse patio and Terrace only. Men and boys should wear collared shirts on the tennis courts at all times.

Paddle Courts

Players must wear flat, rubber-soled shoes without heels and must conform to the Club's dress code. The wearing of denim is permitted while playing paddle but will not be permitted anywhere else on Club property.

Swimming Pool Area

All Members and guests (including children) using the pool must enter and exit the Pool facilities in appropriate Club attire. Footwear to and from the parking lot is required. Wearing towels to and from the parking lot is prohibited. Swimsuits are only permitted in the pool facility. Tee shirts are permitted in the pool facility, but must be free from excessive or improper slogans or imprints. Members leaving pool must wear a shirt. Tee shirts are not to be worn throughout the Clubhouse or other Club grounds.

Members are asked to please drop off and pick up children at the pool entrance. However, there is no parking permitted in the pool driveway. Members wearing tee-shirts must walk directly from parking lot to the pool and back.

Exercise Room

Exercise attire is permitted in the exercise room and the locker rooms (Tee shirts are only permitted in this area of the Clubhouse or while walking between these areas). Members using the Exercise Room may arrive in exercise attire (entering through the locker room entrance) and then go directly to and from the exercise facility or locker rooms.